Ways To Cope With A Cancer Diagnosis

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Cancer is widespread, but there are many different kinds. Some are easily treated and have a good prognosis. Others are very serious and life-threatening. Whether you are diagnosed with a cancer yourself, or someone close to you is, there are some important steps to take in order to attain the best possible outcome. Sometimes when first diagnosed, a person wants to run and hide, so to speak. But it is important to face the facts squarely. This article will give some advice on how to deal with a cancer diagnosis.

First you need to get all the facts possible about the particular cancer. Make notes of what the doctor says. Don’t hesitate to call up his office and talk with a case manager to get more information. They can also suggest support groups and other resources. Go online and read about this form of cancer. You may find a forum of cancer survivors online who can give you much information and encouragement. They can let you know what to expect during treatment, and ways to relieve the side effects of medications.

Your doctor will give you a treatment plan. You want to follow it to the letter and keep all your appointments. As treatment goes on, you may feel very tired and ill and wish to stay home. Get friends or family to drive you and stay with you during treatment. Accept all the help and support people offer. Don’t try to do all the activities and physical tasks you would ordinarily do. Let others do them for you; rest and relax as much as possible.

Cope With A Cancer Diagnosis

By all means, if you smoke you should stop. Smoking will only make it harder for your body to recover. The same is true for drinking alcoholic beverages.
Avoid all pollutants such as household chemicals, paint fumes, and don’t handle any toxic substances. Your immune system has all it can do to help you fight cancer. Any added burden on you immune system must be avoided.

Even though you may be tired, try to get out for a walk in the fresh air when possible. Sunlight and nature will cheer you up. When you are feeling better, return to social engagements as much as possible. This will take your mind off of cancer and remind you of the life you want to get back to. Keep in touch with friends and distant family members. They need to know you are okay and you need their support and encouragement.

Reach out to the possibility of breakthrough treatments being developed. If there is a cancer research center in your area, ask them if there are studies under way that might help you. Check with your doctor about the possibility of participating in the trial study of a new and promising medication or treatment.

During this difficult time, try to develop techniques of relaxation and spiritual meditation to help you counter the debilitating effects of cancer, especially during the treatment phase. This can help keep you from slipping into depression. A hopeful outlook can help you beat the disease.

Facing the facts rather than denying and avoiding them is the beginning of successful cancer treatment. Put the suggestions of this article into practice to help make this period of treatment less difficult and to help you complete a successful course of therapy and become cancer-free.

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